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MCO426: Community Guidelines

What is my philosophy of online community? An online community is a group of people who uses the web to connect with each other. These people are often ones that shares the same interest. They usually uses one of the most popular social media platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. I have been a member of several online communities for quite a while now. They are usually on Facebook, I am a member of a community called “Solo female travelers” where women would have conversation about their past and upcoming trips in order to inspire other members. It is also extremely helpful to be in this kind of group , because it gives you an idea on “what not to do/ what to do” as well as tips to easily navigate a foreign country.

I have a public social media platforms, main one is my Instagram. I always expect my audiences to comment things that are appropriate and wholesome. I also expect my closest friends and family to never disclose any private information on my comment section, because my Instagram is set for the public. Whenever someone posted an inappropriate comment, I delete it immediately after seeing it. My own personal policy is that anything inappropriate or playful comment should only be coming from my close friends and family, simply because I know they are just kidding and are just trying to be funny. A stranger that would leave a comment that are vulgar, sexual, and inappropriate would immediately be blocked by me.


Sirene Katerina