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About Sirene Katerina:

My name is Katerina Vianca Sirene Mangalindan. Please just call me Sirene. I love to travel, make YouTube videos about my travels, and watching travel videos by lots of well known travel Youtubers. I’ve always wanted to work in the Digital Media Industry, because I believe that a career in the field would give me an opportunity to travel the world. I also love singing and film-making. I am a Filipino-American woman. I was born and raised in the Philippines, me and my family moved here in the United States, San Antonio Texas to be specific in 2013. I would like to live someday in Europe, Barcelona or Madrid Spain. I love to live in a busy city, where there is great public transportation because I don’t drive and is afraid to. A city where there is also great architecture and is rich in culture. I strongly believe that Barcelona and Madrid would be the perfect choice. I will be traveling to Spain this year, in June. I promise to share to everyone my experience in Europe by writing blogs about it, as well as by making YouTube videos about it. Stay tuned! And subscribe to my YouTube channel.