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Blog Assignment #5: Post with Audio

I chose this topic because I would like to inspire other women, that traveling solo and exploring the world by yourself is not bad at all. When I told my friends and family that I am planning on traveling by myself, all of them were against it. Although, I know that they are coming from a great place. What made me want to travel the world by myself? I am a woman who is years away from her 30’s, who doesn’t really know what to do with her life. The one thing I am for sure is, I want to see the world, meet new people, learn a new language and see the wonders of nature. When you’re a solo female traveler you can make connections with people from different cultures that you would not be able to experience otherwise, if you are traveling with a husband, a partner, and or children.

When you’re a solo female traveler you can inspire other women in your community or friend group that know you, that they can also take that journey and experience that for themselves. When you’re a solo female traveler, who also works remotely you can maximize your time efficiently between work and leisure and enjoy your life and meet new people and maybe learn a new language or two. I am also a part of a Facebook group exclusively for women who travels solo, and it was such a huge help for everyone to meet each other during our trips and help each other in any way.

If you are someone like me who is interested in learning a language. While traveling to Spain, or Latin American countries I could practice speaking the Spanish language and immerse myself with the their culture. I will be in Barcelona, Spain in 2 months, during the summer and I am very excited. I heard a lot of great things about the city. I am studying intensive Spanish with a tutor, and I also teach myself during my free time so I can be ready for Spain. I truly can’t wait to start my international journey as a solo female traveler. Stay tuned for future updates.

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