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Blog Assignment # 6: Post with Social

My name is Sirene Katerina Mangalindan, and this week’s blog is about traveling solo as a woman. Why and when have I decided to travel solo? To summarize it all, I have been battling depression all my life. Being a trans woman made it more difficult as well to overcome it, because we all know that society is not friendly to women like me. I have also been very dependent with men, and I always felt the need to be in a relationship with them and thought that without a partner or a man in my life, I would never be genuinely happy. Or that, I will always feel incomplete. Last year, after a bad break-up with my former boyfriend, I decided to travel and explore new cities by myself. New York City was the first city I decided to visit by myself, and I enjoyed it so much. There is something empowering about traveling by yourself, the air you breathe from a new city, or a country is nothing but a treat. 

There are also a lot of benefits to traveling alone, one example being having complete freedom. When you travel alone, you can plan and adjust your schedule however you want. Traveling with friends and family, you must see and do things that do not particularly interest you. I am a very moderate drinker, and I do not do drugs. I also despise staying at a club for more than an hour or two. Most of my friends, although I love and adore them, love to party hard. Until dawn kind of partying.  

It also gives you the chance to meet new people. We all have been to a party where you only know one person, and you end up missing meeting other people because we only wanted to talk about that person we have known before. Being abroad by yourself forces you to meet new people from across the world. You will end up having friends from across the world, different ethnicities, and backgrounds.  

Travelling alone, you are sure to run into a myriad of complications that you will have to figure out on the fly. Lost luggage? You are going to suddenly get good at figuring out the local language. Ended up at the wrong station? You will soon find yourself traversing the trains like a local. Missed your connecting flight? You will be figuring out your new career as a travel agent in less than 5 minutes. The point is, without being able to rely on anyone else to get you out of a sticky situation, you must get comfortable with producing solutions on your own, and that is not always easy! I did not know how the subway system works in New York City; I was having a panic attack while I was there. After taking deep breaths and relaxing my mind, I was able to figure it out by myself. And now when I come back, I can navigate the subway system with ease and confidence. 

Here are my favorite solo female traveler youtubers: A must watch, they are all inspirational.

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