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MCO 434: Module 5

1. How has reviewing your performance so far helped you to make decisions about and changes to your campaigns?  My performance still is not promising. I still was not able to use all of my budget. I used 0$ so far. I definitely have to make sure that I will have to use the maximum budget that is given to me.

2. Give at least 3 examples of how you have used the Module 4: Mimic Pro discussion so far, i.e. posted a success or question; used a tactic or strategy another student suggested; or answered a quick question/helped with a technical issue.

Answer: So far, I have received no help from anyone. I was ill for a few weeks and barely recovering. The only tactic or strategy that I have learned that I sure make sure I’m doing is to use all the budget given. There is no demo or anything on how to succeed in this class. It is honestly very frustrating. I am most likely going to fail from this class because I have been receiving no help.

3: How did you decide which campaigns or ad groups to pause?

4: How did you decide which keywords to use to trigger the ads?

5: How did you decide on the attributes to your landing page?

My landing page should have all the great specs of the product I am advertising. More description about the products’ features would totally help too.

6: Which ads did you pause and why?

Katerina Mangalindan

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