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The beginning of my journey as a Solo Female Traveler: Sirene Travels.

Image taken in: Oahu, Hawaii

When I told my friends and family about my desire to travel the world by myself, almost all of them discouraged me. They said it is dangerous for a woman to travel by herself, that it is not a good idea overall. However, I have my best friend Audrey’s support, she travels and does a lot of things by herself most of the time. I admire her a lot and she’s truly one of my inspiration so her encouragement strengthened my desire to actually do it. Thankfully, I ended up loving every moment of my solo travels and it resulted in me wanting more. In October 2021, I purchased a ticket from my city of San Antonio, Texas to New York City. I met a lot of friends there and I visited a few historical places such as the Stone Wall Inn. A place that is widely considered to be the single most important event leading to gay liberation and the modern fight for the LGBT community in the United States. In February 2022, I flew to Hawaii to visit my best friend and it was amazing. I was born and raised in the Philippines, I lived near the beach all of my life. I arrived here in the USA 8 years ago and never have been near the beach since. My Hawaii trip totally had me feeling totally euphoric, the tropical weather, the sea breeze, and crystal clear water is majestic.

My next destination will be in Barcelona, Spain. I am very fond of their language and culture and I wish to learn and experience it. I will be sharing my experiences through my blogs and YouTube videos, so stay tuned!

Yours truly,

Sirene Katerina Vianca

Image taken at: Northshore, Hawaii

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