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Why Deep fakes could be beneficial?

by: Katerina Vianca Sirene Mangalindan

I think deepfakes has a lot of dangers, but they also have a lot of positive impacts. One example is in education. The existence of such technology could help educators to produce a more engaging lesson. Make it more entertaining for their audiences/ students. It could also benefit a celebrity, for example, if a further country wanted to make them their endorser of a certain product and they wanted that celebrity to become their endorser. If that certain celebrity could not make an in-person appearance due to illness, delayed flight, and any other inconveniences they can just pay that celebrity for his/her identity rights. This technology can also become a powerful tool for independent storytellers at a fraction of the cost. This could be such an immense help, especially due to the pandemic. 

Deep fakes can be an excellent tool for realistically realizing the primary tenants of comedy or parody. These might be a reflection, stretching, contortion, and appropriation of real events. Also, artificial intelligence-generated synthetic media has immense potential. It can open opportunities in the entertainment industry. Also, we are seeing a lot of independent creators and YouTubers seizing the opportunity. Influencers can use deep fakes to broaden their reach and reach a broader audience. A brand or an influencer can reach many customers with targeted and personalized messaging by using deep fakes. Technology deep fakes and digital models are also becoming a new trend in fashion and brand marketing. 

I think deep fake technology could also help those people who have lost their loved ones. That caused them severe depression or mental health problems. A deep fake of their deceased loved one can be used to their journey for recovery. Especially for children under 5 years old, whenever these children have lost a parent or a loved one, it is indeed difficult for their relatives to explain what happened to their mother or father. With deep fakes, I think they can be used to like, have their deceased loved one have an appearance telling everyone that everything is going to be okay, and say comforting words for the relatives, especially the young children. I strongly believe that this kind of technology can help our youth who have lost a loved one to be less traumatized or not at all because of someone’s death.  

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