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Why is media creation critical to media literacy?


“Activities that sound like digital housekeeping, such as protecting our privacy, are far more than that. In the process of maintaining our systems and security, we can learn some fascinating things about how our increasingly digital world works.” This statement that came from ASU news Co/Lab gave me an idea why media creation is an important component of media literacy. Especially in today’s world, media literacy is a very important skill to have. Everyone should be able to tell whether a digital content is fake or real and the “How to” of maintaining their privacy , which is sadly not the case for so many in this generation. Media literacy is essential because it helps people to understand the messages that are being communicated to them. With so many sources of information today, media literacy can help people identify reliable sources and filter through the noise to get at the truth. When someone is media literate, the content that they would create would be helpful to society and a lot of people would want to follow you for daily updates on the topics that you create if they find it interesting and relevant in their personal lives. As someone who aspire to become a full-time digital content creator, I strongly agree about the huge importance of being media literate in media content creation.

Media literacy can help people recognize biases in the media and how they may affect their perception of an event or issue. For example, a conservative news outlet might only cover terrorist attacks to make people afraid. I think these situations are extremely obvious nowadays, news outlets and their biases shows every Presidential election and since the Covid-19 pandemic arisen. For example, Fox News mainly are on the conservative side, and always favors politicians that are Republicans and tend to always talk ill about politicians that are in the liberal party. From this week’s lecture, Professor Dan Gillmor also talked about the importance of independence. It is often combined with transparency and both can increase credibility. Learning materials from this week also have taught us to not rely on one single source. Simply because even the best of journalists makes mistakes, they’re humans too. With proper research from multiple reliable sources, we can use media we consume to inform ourselves about what is happening to our nation and the world.

We share on social media. We post photos and videos. We comment. We write blog posts on our own sites. These are participatory roles even beyond being an active consumer. -ASU NEWS LAB

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